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What Is The MLS?

The member listing service (MLS) is a database established by our industry’s leading professional yacht broker associations (PYBA) to collect, control & provide data about vessels for sale and is exclusively for yacht sales professional use. The MLS allows yacht brokers to see one another’s listings with the goal of connecting buyers to sellers through a yacht sales professional (YSP).

Key Points

  • The MLS is a database established by cooperating yacht brokers to provide data about vessels for sale.
  • An MLS allows brokers to see one another’s listings of vessels for sale with the goal of connecting buyers to sellers through a YSP.
  • The MLS helps yacht brokers connect by consolidating and sharing information while sharing commissions.
  • Controlling the MLS database allows PYBAs to control how this data is used in public markets.

YSPs receive free access to the MLS or pay a small fee for co-brokerage data feeds. In return, they receive information on vessels for sale, including listing details, photos, and descriptions of each vessel. The MLS can only be accessed by yacht sales professionals. The MLS follows the rules set out by the participating professional yacht broker associations.

Benefits Of The MLS

As a result of collective YSP participation, the MLS provides more exposure to the selling broker and more options to the broker representing the buyer. In return, both brokers may receive a commission on the sale. The MLS allows competing brokers to work together toward a common goal of helping buyers find their desired vessels and helping sellers sell their vessels through the use of YSP services.

  • Prospective buyers gain access to numerous listings directly from YSPs, while sellers get connected to buyers through a YSP via…
    a. “YSP Only” access to the MLS database
    b. Secure data feeds YSPs can use to advertise MLS database listings
    c. Secure webhooks to integrate MLS data elements with external systems to assist YSPs with sales & marketing efforts (ie BoatDox, CRM, etc)
  • Online advertising websites containing listings can pull data directly from the official PYBA MLS database.

MLS Components

For real estate agents, the MLS platform is there to serve their industry for the benefit of their industry. Brokers in the marine industry, however, have been paying 3rd party firms to both collect & control this asset for us in exchange for advertising services. By paying for these services and signing restrictive Terms of Service agreements, we have inadvertently given up the right to control how our collective data is utilized, accessed and monetized!

MLS Database

Collect, store and share vessel, broker and brokerage information in a system you control with secure access to available for co-brokerage listings.

MLS Data Feeds

Reliable, lighting fast and cost effective delivery of listing details, brokerage information and custom data to where you need it.

MLS Advertising

Reduce data entry by freely sharing your listing data with yacht advertising websites or within your own website and marketing material.

Why Join?

“Own your own data.” Larry Hardesty | MIT

Industry Data

Recognizing that our collective listing data is a key strategic asset is vital to our industry's future. As brokers, we must be free to control access to our aggregate listing data if we wish to obain control over how its both used and monetized.

Industry Control

To collectively own our listing data, we must control it from the point of initial data entry. By entering data into 3rd party systems first and then paying for external data feeds for access, we give up control over how its used in its aggregate form. Service agreements we sign waive our rights to freely use collective data for our benefit, the benefit of our industry and limit our ability to bring new products to market that may showcase this data - essentially giving up control of our key strategic asset.

More Than Boat Specs

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Custom Vessel Details

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Bespoke Marketing Material

Easily integrate your custom & branded PDF, Email and Landing Page templates that can be accessible via links from anywhere.

Detailed Broker Profiles

Fully loaded employee profiles including bio details, testimonials, accreditations, photo and more.

Custom News & Events

Adding information about events & news and then linking it to a vessel's details can be expensive and time consuming, until now!

Brokerage Profiles

Office location details, logo, & about info with open architecture for including CRM, analytics & other tools.

Free Website Code

We realize that building websites & marketing material that pull data from the MLS can be hard - our FREE code simplifies this!